Saturday, June 7, 2008

Memories of Godfather's Pizza

Years ago Columbia had a Godfather's Pizza across the street from the police station. College students being the pizza addicts we were went there for some fairly good pizza, drinks and the video games. Actually the main thing I remember about Godfather's were the video game tables where you could sit and play things like PAC -Man and other early titles. The pizza did not inspire any great memories but I remember going there with friends and having a good time.

I do remember the pizza toppings as the Canadian bacon was cut into small cubes or maybe it wasn't what I thought. The television commercials were a hoot with a gangster wearing a wide brim hat imploring you to go eat their pizza. I believe at the time there were some problems with the commercials because it portrayed Italians in a negative way. The ads were comical to say the least. If anyone else can add anything to this entry please let me know as my memory is vague at this time.


phlogdo said...

Used to go there with friends sometimes on Sunday nights, in '82 and 'early '83. Pizza was not bad for a national chain.

One thing I liked was the Mexican Pizza. Which actually sounds kind of strange, but was truly tasty. They'd make a pizza with taco meat and taco sauce instead of pizza sauce. Then they'd put a mixture of cheeses other than mozzarella on it and bake it. When it came out of the oven, they'd put shredded lettuce and tomatoes on top, along with more pizza sauce. As I said, strange but good.

There are still a few Godfather's around here in the South, but they seem to be few and far between now... haven't been to one in years.

Anonymous said...

Found your blog while looking for info about Alexander's Steakhouse in Columbia, you have very interesting observations about Columbia restaurants that have come and gone.

While I was attending Mizzou, my buddies and I loved Godfather's Pizza, particularly the buffet. It was very cheap which was obviously ideal for college students. I'm from Kansas City and knew Godfather's from there. I used to love the commercials with the guy exclaiming "Do It". I guess it wasn't very p.c. but still very memorable.

I'm in St. Louis now and there's a chain called Pantera's which has a similar pizza so I can (kinda) relive my memories of Godfather's pizza.