Friday, August 15, 2008

Memories of Columbia's Past Part 4

Wow, what a month it's been! With the kids out of school, adopting a dog and general crapola around the house I have been way too lax with my postings (sorry Mr. Ed). During this last month I have tried to collect my thoughts on past restaurants but find my memories are getting too vague. There are a lot of places I would like to write about such as Los Banditos, Katie Station and some of the chain restaurants that closed but my memories are not clear enough to share. I have decided to close this section of my site and reflect on my other interests. I have been collecting data to possibly start new sites on the following subjects:

-A site remembering Biscayne Mall, Columbia's last good mall.
-(Lets face it, Columbia Mall sucks! It is dull and uninteresting.)

-A site dedicated to Parkade Plaza, Columbia's first mall.
-( A dark, empty place trying to come back.)

-A site featuring Nowell's Grocery stores, an innovator for present day super markets.
-(So powerful it kept HyVee out of Columbia for years until Nowell's closed.)

-My search for the best pizza in Columbia.
-(The standard will be the large house special with everything.)

-A list of new restaurants opening in Columbia.
-(Even in a bad economy several have already opened.)

-A list of weird things around the Mid-Missouri area that catch my interest.
-(This will include old attractions and weird stories.)

In another week the kids will be back in school, the dog should be used to its new home and the renovations to the house should be near completion. All in all it has been a good summer even though I have been busy with taxi duties and entertaining bored teenagers. The weather has been excellent and everyone is healthy so I can't ask for a better time. More later.

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