Saturday, October 4, 2008

Smokin Chicks BBQ - Three times a charm!

I had to drop the kids off at the Necropolis last night so I decided to check out the Roots, Blues and BBQ Festival downtown while I waited for their call to be picked up. What perfect weather, I am sure the festival planners were rejoicing about the cool, clear evening. The crowds were large and well behaved but the lines to the BBQ vendors were long so I waited to see what the two kids would want to eat. When they finally called I asked them to walk downtown (the car was a mile away) and check out the festival. When we met up they walked around the event for an half hour and seemed bored. They were both hungry so my daughter wanted to go to Smokin Chicks to get a pulled pork sandwich. I thought this to be strange because she has often informed me about her dislike of BBQ but off we went to the Ninth St. location so we could sit down for a while.

This was my third visit to Smokin Chicks and they did not disappoint. The kids both had sandwiches, my daughter had her favorite pulled pork while my son ate a pulled chicken sandwich. This time they bought the large size which was scary looking because of the huge amount of meat on a large bun. (I wondered how are they going to eat all that!) With a generous slathering of the sweet BBQ sauce both kids ate their sandwiches in very few bites. I should not be amazed since teenagers eat their weight in food everyday but it is so rare that they like the same restaurants I do. So my hats off to Smokin Chicks for excellent food.

They are now my favorite BBQ place in Columbia for pulled pork and chicken sandwiches. Their meat has a wonderful light smoked flavor that doesn't even need a sauce. The meat is so tender and the burnt ends explode with flavor. There is a selection of sauces on the table with our favorite being the Sweet sauce. I do not know if the make their own sauces but they compliment the sandwiches very well.

Over the past few months I have been hitting the BBQ places. Lampert's Plush Pig has excellent side dishes (The waitress says they make all their own Cole slaw, baked beans and potato salad from scratch.) but the smoked meat was just okay. Bandana's smoke flavor always gave me heartburn but their boiled peanuts are awesome. Buckingham's which was my favorite moved to South Columbia and since I am too lazy to drive down there I just don't go. I was the only one in my family who liked Buckingham's so we didn't eat there much. I wonder what happened to their plans to open a location near the Harley Davidson shop because that would be just walking distance for me.

Anyway, back to Smokin Chicks. I shall encourage everyone to try this place out as I believe they are local owners that put out a great sandwich. In fact I may go out today and buy a pulled chicken sandwich and maybe try their sausage that has a strange name. Great flavor, huge portions and contentment, this place may be a portal to Nirvana. Give them a try.

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Lissa said...

Thanks for your business and your wonderful comments! I am so glad you and your family enjoyed your meals with us. And yes, my husband and I own both locations and do live in Columbia. I hope you enjoy your Caldarello Sausage when you try it, it is an old family recipe of my husband's uncle. Thanks again, please visit us again soon!