Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haden House - Please send me your memories

Some of my friends and several of my blog readers have mentioned that I should share my memories of the Haden House but I am drawing mostly blanks. This is why I need the teeming masses to share memories of their experiences at the Haden House. My own memories are vague but I remember good food, excellent wine and an interesting decor. I think I ate there about half a dozen times but I have hardly any memories of the events. I was in college then and eating at the Haden House was a big event financially as I paid out some serious bucks (for a college student that is). I do remember trying escargot for the first time, not a very good memory if I remember correctly. Help me out people! Please send in your experiences and perhaps it will spark more memories from my grey matter. I thank you for your help.


Bradley said...

I remember taking my future wife there when she came to visit me in Columbia back in @1980. WE recall having wonderful smoked hens and great big Manhattans. I, too, remember it being a bit hit financially. But it was a great place to take folks who were visiting to show off one of the finest eating establishments (that I remember anyway) in Columbia.

Anonymous said...

I worked at Haden House / Original Jacks in the late 80s, early 90s, for 2, maybe 3 years. I started as a busboy, went out of town for school, and came back as a waiter. First time I worked there, Jack Crouch was the owner. When I came back, it was Ali Hamrah.

The place was magical. I think we all recognized it. It had a huge staff, and we were all pretty close-knit. A lot of after hours socializing. One of the head waiters (think his name was Keith Williams), used to have people over to his home after work. He would proceed to recount his most interesting tables of the evening with the utmost hilarity.

Tom Mitchell was the manager/maitre d' as long as I knew anything about the restaurant. He's the kitchen manager at Longhorn in Jeff City now. He wore a tux every night and made the flaming desserts. He was the best.

One of the waiters, JD, is now the chef at Sapphires in Jeff City. Think he worked the Haden House side.

Joe Dubinski, another of the best waiters, is a successful corporate attorney in KC now. He married the longtime hostess, Amy.

In its hayday, at least from when I was there, on any given Saturday night, they opened the newly added ballroom to drinks and dancing, the piano bar would be hopping, the bar packed, both restaurants filled. Deb had the bar under control. Kay, Jenn, Jane, Audrey, Keith, Joe and all of us -- busy as hell. a blast! These ones I remember, the best wait staff you could ever have.

There must be hundreds still around who worked there or ate there. They need to add their memories. We all miss that place.