Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Memories of the Bakery

In the early 1980's Columbia had a bake shop located on downtown Broadway simply called the Bakery. It was a favorite of the college crowd because it was open 24 hours and within walking distance of the bars and entertainment downtown. The Bakery wasn't much to look at and when you glanced through the door behind the display case you would see an old floor covered with flour, old mixers needing a paint job and interesting employees who looked like they just arrived from Woodstock (Remember the rock concert?). The front case was always filled with different selections of pastries but I think the majority of their business consisted of deliveries to stores and churches.

Back then the Missouri Theatre on Ninth St. had midnight movies, mostly "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" which I must of seen a dozen times. When we got out of the movie our first stop on those hot summer mornings (we are talking 2:30am here) would be the Bakery for one of their custard filled pastries and an ice cold Dr. Pepper. We would often sit on the Federal Building's steps watching the few cars go by and an occasional group of people. Since I did not have to be at my job until 2:00PM that afternoon I would sleep off the custard and Dr. Pepper high and dream of scenes from the movie. Sounds scary nowadays. Soon after and I can't remember when there was a fire that destroyed the Bakery and they never reopened. Columbia has never recovered since then, why they don't even show Midnight movies anymore. Too bad for us.

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