Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memories of Minsky's Pizza

Once again the 1980's found another pizza place move into Columbia. This restaurant, called Minsky's Pizza, was out of the Kansas City area and it opened in a location downtown on Broadway. It was a two story place with a long bar and one of the first big screen TV projectors for everyone to watch games on. There were more tables upstairs with a dumbwaiter that delivered food from the kitchen located on the ground level. At least that's what I think; it may have been different so someone please let me know otherwise. The restaurant was well used by us because the pizza was good and it offered excellent seating for big groups.

At that time the storeroom group who I worked with at the hospital would meet whenever possible at a local restaurant or bar for a good time. While at work it was a common known fact that there was a "Tumor Conference" at least once a week somewhere in the hospital because it was always announced by the overhead system. We decided to go our own route and start "Humor Conferences" at Minsky's since it had just opened. These unofficial conferences went on about every other week and soon grew to include other members of the hospital staff. We even had a vice president show up once. I remember the group got quite big with all of us having a great time laughing, eating and drinking. Soon afterward the storeroom dynamics began to change as coworkers transferred out while some moved away. Then the storeroom moved to a huge warehouse which kind of ended most of our festivities. I believed the meetings at Minsky's went on even with the storeroom staff not attending. We had started something popular and passed it on to others while we went different routes. Minsky's closed with little fanfare and a new place called Mazzios opened up. It closed soon afterward and I have no idea what is there now. Every once in a while I think about going to Kansas City to eat at a Minsky's, perhaps I will get a group together someday for a road trip.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, we lived there (Columbia) 1980-83 and remember the place well. Kind of a hippie joint --- which is not unusual for Columbia. I remember Sicilian (sweet) style, thick dish pizza. It was good. Cool tunes. I am going to try KC Minski's as well. Dr. B

Bill Johnson said...

aha ! I just commented on the Cork & Dart Pub...now, I found this post and can comment here too.
I was one of the carpenters who remodeled the building Minsky's moved into. The dumb waiter is fact, as there was also kitchen space on the 2nd floor. The metal ceiling was a challenge to refurb & repair ! And, brass - brass railings and fixtures everywhere !
There is/was a knot hole to the right, in the paneling of the knee-wall entry way...and, if you'd look into it, you'd see my name written there. tee-hee !