Thursday, May 8, 2008

Memories of the Cork and Dart Pub / The Sub Shop

My most favorite watering hole ever was the old Cork and Dart Pub which used to be located on Walnut St. It shared a strategic location with several favorite restaurants because it was half way between the MU campus and my apartment on Melbourne St. I put it on my restaurant blog because most times that I went to the Pub I ended up at either Romes Pizza or the old Sub Shop during or afterward. First the Cork and Dart Pub or what regulars called "The Pub".

It was the closest thing I have seen to a real English style pub in Columbia. It had thick wood tables and chairs with a decor that made it look like it came from a neighborhood outside London. The Pub had Columbia's largest selection of foreign beer with excellent bartenders and waitresses who did a great job taking care of the customers. My friends and I would hit the Pub at least once a week, usually on the weekend after work where we would travel the world drinking beer from different countries. It had a "Cheers" like attitude where everyone got along and there was never any trouble. They had good local bands playing on the weekends while during the week you could have a quiet time talking with friends. If you were hungry you could go to Romes Pizza (see an earlier blog) which was just behind the Pub. Romes had a back entrance one could use or you could go just a few feet outside the Cork and Dart to be in the Sub Shop where they would sometimes deliver your sandwich to the table in the Pub. Now the Sub Shop.

The Sub Shop is still open in two locations in Columbia but I feel this old Walnut St. location which was torn down will always be my favorite. The seating area was decorated with murals from an artist's vision of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Inside, the staff was mainly counter culture types with long and/or weird hair styles that made it interesting to order. We always wondered how much hair was getting into our sandwiches but that was part of the Sub Shop's charm. The food was outstanding as they had to have the best sub sandwiches I have ever had. I would always order a whole vegetarian on whole wheat with mozzarella cheese and bacon. By all the gods in Asgard, that sandwich was awesome, especially with a cold beer at the Pub. The Sub Shop also sold a decent pizza for a good price and had excellent salads.

It was a shame when the Pub's original owners sold the place because the new people did not have a clue how to run a bar. I once went there after work with a friend while still wearing my white uniform from work. A man who was sitting at a table with the new owners got up and started asking me questions why I was dressed like that. The people at the owner's table just laughed but I ignored the guy. Once we finished our drinks we left and I never went back. Almost everyone I knew that frequented the Pub quit going. Most of the other Pub regulars started going to a new place called Murry's south of town. The Sub Shop moved to a location near the "J" School on campus and closed their Walnut St. location. Great food, great drinks and great times with friends all in a wonderful atmoshere, those are the memories I have of these two great businesses. What I would give for a sub right now.


Anonymous said...

It was rather interesting for me to read this post. Thank you for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.

Anonymous said...

Don't stop posting such articles. I like to read stories like this. BTW add some pics :)

Anonymous said...

Cork and Dart was one of our favorite hang outs and made a hot buttered rum that was the best

Bill Johnson said...

ahhhhh ! - you're right-on in your describing the original owner's (Oly & Chris) atmospheric 'Cork & Dart'. I, like many dart tossin' regulars, would spend way too much time there daily/nightly, if possible. I'd spend all day at work getting over a hangover... but, at quitting time, I'd be revived and ready to 'Pub it' all over again. I do regret though that if I hadn't spent the $ I did there over the years...I'd now (at age 65) have a great portfolio to retire with ! lol Oh well, I do have some great memories of friends and fun there.
p.s. I too lived on Melbourne for a few years.

Anonymous said...

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anaguma said...

Used to tend bar there while in grad school. Still have a "Jose Cuervo" parrot patch stuck to my desktop that I got there. One free beer after work got you through most of the inventory if you worked there long enough. Dinner was usually from the Sub Shop that was made with extra everything since you were employed at the C&D.