Friday, May 9, 2008

Memories of Goody's Steakburgers

Even though this place closed down a few years ago, I miss their wonderful, mouth watering burgers. They were located on Business Loop 70 in what I think was an old Wendy's location. In that building they shared space with a Greyhound bus stop which I believe was their undoing. Columbia at that time required a separate smoking area and at this Goody's it was near the side of the store where people bought bus tickets. Their ventilation system did not seem to work very well as the smoke floated over to the non smoking area on the west side. On a good day with no smokers, I would sit inside with my kids noticing only a trace of the smell, but it was on those few days that had a lot of smokers that made me stop going to Goody's.

I would bring my kids there about once a week where we each ordered a Goody's steak burger. The beef was lean and cooked just right, seared on a hot grill and placed on a toasted bun full of crisp condiments. A single burger could fill you up but once I bet with my son that he could not eat a triple burger. I watched in amazement as this twelve year old ate a three patty steak burger and survive to eat later on that day! (He did complain of a stomachache though.) As time went on we quit eating inside because of the cigarette smoke and the strange customers who just seemed to sit there and just smoke. Instead I would order at the register for take out and watch how dysfunctional this place had become with terrible service and some odd characters working there. Even with all the factors working against it the burgers still came out
great. I was somewhat sad when I read that they were closing but I understood why I quit going there and I heard there are two other locations located in nearby towns. Maybe some day I will check them out.

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