Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Memories of Columbia's Past Part 2

In the last few weeks I have had conversations with people concerning past businesses in Columbia and how our memories of those places bring on a warm feeling of nostalgia. Although I write primarily about past restaurants, Mr. Ed, who helped inspire my blogging adventure, wants me to write about the old Biscayne Mall and list the various businesses that were located there. Other people want to read about past attractions of central Missouri like Lee Mace's Ozark Opry, Max Allen's Zoo and the Indian Burial Cave but that would be stretching my budgeted time and limited knowledge. I believe all this interest in past attractions and businesses shows there is something lacking in our present lives, maybe just a little bit of something that shows we are tired of all the stores and malls that look the same, sell the same stuff and are staffed by the same, uncaring workers. Maybe we are tired of being "consumers" and want more than just buying stuff. And maybe we want an experience to go with the purchasing that we can remember later on. You tell me.

I find the present collection of restaurants and businesses in Columbia extremely boring because most of them are tied to a chain or corporation located out of state. My mind is bombarded by their television and radio ads which say "You must buy this!" or to go there "Before it is too late!" Don't get me wrong, we still have a few locally owned restaurants and stores that add color and spice but it seems harder for an independent business to get started and stay open for very long. That is why I am dwelling in the past and trying to remember the things that were interesting about this local area. At this time I would like to invite comments from my readers and suggestions of what they would like to read about. In most cases I can only give vague descriptions of past memories but maybe that would spark a memory in you. Help me out if you will. Until next time.

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